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Maximizing PPV traffic

Monday, May 9, 2016

Maximizing your traffic

I see a ton of people doing PPV and just wasting both their time and money so here are some tips on how to do it properly which will hopefully help some people along the way...

Notes -
Rule one - PPV is interruption marketing which means "you are interrupting your visitors experience". They do not want to see your advertisement and will close the advertisement as soon as it appears unless it captures their attention so rule one is "My ads will capture my viewers attention"
Rule two - "My ad needs to appear fast!" Yes, there's no time for videos to load as the user will have closed the window by the time your video loads
Rule three - "My ad needs to work within the PPV providers window size" - Different PPV providers pop-up ads in different window sizes so make sure that your ad appears correctly in their specific window size!!
Rule four - "I will use tracking" - Prosper202 is a free piece of tracking software - use it
Rule five - "I will maximize my traffic" - Remember the obvious, you are paying cold hard cash for that traffic so squeeze as much out of that traffic as possible. On that note build an email list - once you have an email list you can market to them as many times as you wish until they un-subscribe.
My method is follows:
Step 1) Send PPV to an opt-in email list and capture the persons email address.
Step 2) After the person has opted in then on the "Thank you page" redirect them to an appropriate offer: www, works wonders for that